Movement as Nourishment...

as Medicine...


“There is a movement all life shares. This intelligent fluid movement
can open our mind and body to experience the
infinite Source of Life we eternally are.”

- Cass Phelps
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Wave Motion — The Movement of Life


The Biological Breath & Movement process (wave-motion) is an intelligent medicine for entering the eternal embrace… entering the direct experience of our Creator creating us through Love… Wave Motion when Ignited by following and allowing positive sensation -pleasure- has the ability to wash us free of our limiting patterns of thought, movement and history… awakening us to our liberated pure timeless state of Being.

This intelligent medicine can guide us from the inside, guiding our mind and body to the place of Presence inside our self where we are whole… the space inside yourself where no history has ever been… out of this comes a balanced nervous system, a coherent fluid adaptive body and mind that innovates through pleasure and joy… When we open ourselves to be ignited by Inspiration, and discover the effortless flow of full expression, we find a life path of celebration… celebrating our Self and Life as one eternal constant.

When I first realized I was holding this medicine I became humbled by knowing it is the Source of Life, the Love that all life shares. I understood in that moment that it is ALL life’s birthright to experience; to experience our Self as the Source of Life. To do more than just experience it, but experience it shaping, moving, breathing and creating our body and personality as a dynamic grounded coherent highly capable Being that is… beyond what the mind can imagine… Many moving meditation practices aim to address the ego through observing it while following structured movement sequences… this Practice resolves the ego through a direct experience of the source of life.

As we build body awareness, learning how to work with sensations and emotions in general we open a doorway and discover there is an Intelligence inside of the sensation that is guiding us, and that it is guiding us through what feels really good and liberating… Sometimes you have to be present with places that are stuck and blocked and painful so that you can move beyond them, back into the full Flow of your limitless being… This requires space and time, a container, which is part of what defines a Practice of Self Love... So the first thing to understand about the Movement process is that is about building and or tracking sensation.


There are two aspects of the movement process,
Receptive and Active. We work with these two aspects in the
Classes, Workshops and Retreats. 



Biological Breath and The Eternal Embrace

This is the internal receptive aspect of the work. You learn how to Allow the Source of Life to hold, support and guide you through your organic breath and movement process... for healing and awakening... seeing how this extends into every aspect of your Life.

The nourishment is revealed through unraveling limiting patterns and contractions. This happens through the non-doing allowing of the Biological Wave Breath and Loves eternal embrace.

The process leads us to the Rest Point, where deeper healing, renewal and realization can happen. Where we can learn the direct experience of being held, moved and breathed by the Source of Life… always found within.




Liquid Core Strength

This is the expansive active-directive aspect of the work. You learn how to connect with and move from the Flow of Life... engaging with the biological intelligence (Love) to strengthen, reform and restructure your physical body, neurology and thoughts. We often work with opening and strengthening the core, sacrum, pelvis, tail, hips, legs and spine. We move from whole body Spiraled Anatomy integrity. With focus and commitment you can resolve injuries, build strength and establish a stable ground of Being.

Each session is an opportunity for you to bring in what ever you are working with in your life… The medicine of Love will hold and transform whatever you GIVE over to it. This Love is the Biological Intelligence that preserves and expands all life...


These sessions offer the time and coherent space for deeper healing and awakening to occur.

“The entire purpose of the
practice is to bring us back to the Rest Point, the place
where Health and renewal begins. The Movement unravels our
mind and body from limitations, opening the space to rest in the
experience of our Self as One with Creator—Creation.”

- Cass Phelps