Discover & Share Your Gift With The World

“We ALL have an effortless Gift to share with the world. All life has a contribution to the Whole. Our culture teaches us to look outside of ourselves. We often overlook our fundamental Essential Nature, beauty, strength and worth. Some of us even feel our unique contribution is weird and meaningless... But your Gift knows otherwise and can guide you.”
- Cass Phelps


New 12-Week Series

July 16-October 1st, 2023

Sundays 9-11am PT 

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 Included Bonuses:
*Cass added many Night Dive sessions to this series! The Night Dives are for the deep, slow, internal Dissolve, and subtle-embodiment. We work with the Biological Breath, subtle movements, sounding, and shifts in perspective. You learn profoundly nourishing resources for self-regulating your nervous system, processing sensitivities, trauma, and opening to and receiving the deeper internal nourishment of your Gift. 
**Optional breakout sessions will arise and are included.
***After each Sunday session Cass opens the space for (optional) Sharing/Witnessing and time for Q&A. 


Each Recorded Zoom Session is recorded LIVE with a calibrated group, available for streaming and download.


This Video series is $750

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The Gift Process is a structured self-learning practice for discovering, owning, and sharing your Gifts with the world. You learn how to Receive, Nourish from and Share the gift of your true essential nature and being.
This new 12-week series is Phase I of the three phases. Join a coherent, vetted, and selectively chosen group of fellow Gifters devoted to knowing and embodying their unique gift. 
Come from Overflow...

This program is a resource for learning how to live your life from the effortless flow of creation, coherency, health, and success, becoming self-sustaining, avoiding burn-out, and staying grounded and balanced in your power.


The Gift Process offers a way to answer the often elusive questions, "WHAT is my gift?" and "HOW do I share it?" You learn fundamental teachings and the clear easy step-by-step practice for discovering and honoring your own innate value and WORTH.


12 Weeks Together!


  1. The structure of the 3-month Program offers Phase I of the Gift Process. We meet once a week, Sunday from 9-11am PT (2-hours in length per session). Offering a total of 24 hours of LIVE dedicated workshop time together, working with Your Gift. 
  2. We come together in a calibrated group by Zoom where Cass lays out the premise and focus; we work with Q & A then go into a guided Deep Dive (meditation). Each session will have a specific focus. Out of this comes discoveries and insights we then work with and learn how to bridge into our lives with assigned HomePlay for that week. *Optional breakout sessions usually arise and are included. These optional sessions or extra offerings Cass will initiate based on what he can sense the group process is needing, to make sure everyone is met where they are in their process. They can be verbal processing sessions, extra Dives, and working this specific subjects. 
  3. In these sessions not only do we work with discovering and owning our innate Gifts, we also resolve limiting cultural and familial conditioning and beliefs, while understanding & facing our deepest fears and concerns. The fear of being seen, the fear of failure, the fear of the unknown, etc. *Safely facing and working through our biggest fears, limiting patterns, and beliefs, by learning to Resource our Gift is what can bring your Gift out of chaos into effortless Self-Realization. You learn how to use resistance (in any form) as fuel for transformation.



July 16-October 1st

9-11 PT (2hr sessions)

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Each Live Zoom Session is recorded and available for playback and download.



The 3 Phases to realize your Gift & share it with the World

RECEIVE — Discover your Gift. Understand the effortless path of Inspiration that lays before you. All life has an innate gift. It is the law of nature. Discovering and sharing our gift is an effortless process when you know-how. Our culture tells us that we are not enough and to look outside of ourselves to become whole. But your innate being knows better and your Gift is ready to guide and nourish you to realize your full potential. 

NOURISH — This crucial step is often overlooked and is missing in all aspects of our education systems and Western culture. Learning to nourish from and fill-up with our innate gift/power/strength is the difference between a master and a novice. In this Phase, you learn to turn-inward and Recycle and harness all the brilliant, powerful aspects of yourself that you naturally carry, and allow the essence of your being to continually fill you up and in with all the resources you require. This step gives you the innate knowing of your value and worth magnetizing to you the opportunities you desire. 

SHARE — Once the internal Resourcing is in place we begin to feel deeply Inspired, overflow with our innate Gift and share it in effortless balance and sustainability.  We naturally start to bear fruit and SHARE from our Inspiration. Learning to share from overflow teaches you how to listen to your Gift and let it guide you through the in’s and out’s of Sharing Your Gift With The World. In this phase, you learn who is ready for your gift and HOW, WHEN and WHERE to share. 


Your Guide

Cass Phelps offers workshops throughout the world and conducts a private practice on Kauai, HI. His students are men, women and children - inspired souls from all walks of life.  Known humbly as a "teachers teacher" and "a healers healer" since 1998 (23 years), Cass works with facilitators, therapists, clinicians, students, creative artists, dancers, choreographers, actors, singers, musicians, writers, directors, leaders, gurus, corporate coaches and CEO’s.
Cass also works with people of all ages with complex neurological disorders, advanced trauma, developmental issue, and immune diseases such as digestive disorders, cancer, autism, brain damage and paralysis. His gift of insight - which he calls his "X-Ray Vision" - allows him to assist his clients and students in their Self Awakening and healing process; realizing their inspirations and full potential.
Cass is a Somatic Movement Therapist, certified Reiki Master, Sound Healing therapist and lifelong musician. He also creates movement performance works and is known to call on different forms of Art Therapy, dance and the innovative intelligence of PLAY. His unique approach to sound, breath, movement and resting-stillness unifies the creative and healing arts together as one. A strong sense of humor and laid-back style help Cass to deliver the awakening transmission:  “All Is Within.”
From 1998 to 2005, Cass was mentored closely by Continuum Movement’s founder, Emilie Conrad. He became an authorized Continuum teacher in 2001 and continued for more than 7 years. Cass and Emilie developed new, works,  programs, and taught workshops together. More of his full bio and story are here.
This series is $750 to apply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.