I hope you are enjoying this site! Below you will find the Resources this body of work has to offer, including the Video Library of all the videos spread through the site and then some.

This work and its Offerings began out of my own personal Inspiration to enter the deeper experience of the Source of Life- and to live grounded as a whole person in our world.  Over the years gradually as people came along, asking questions and having their own needs this work, this Process and its Practice has developed into what you see here now.

This offering is ongoing continually growing...just like you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or support you may need from this site and its offerings. 

The Purpose of The Work The Gift Process Intro The Effortless Fruit - The Path Of Love Biological Breath - Wave Motion - Hawaii 2011 - Afternoon session Choice - The Path Of Love - Hawaii 2011 Floor Work - Wave Motion - Hawaii 2011 Working With The Mind - Hawaii 2011 Chair Work - Hawaii 2011 Resolving Pain and Injuries Through Presence Silent In The Storm Cass Phelps Cara- Flow Of Love Awakening Eternal Love Intro - Cass Phelps Five Signals Into - The Secret Language of Your Gut Hips Legs Psoas NYC April 2012 Jaw and Throat Work Cass Phelps - Fluid Mind Fluid Body Series: #1 Vortical Projection Cass Phelps - Flow Of Love Bio Aquatic Movement: Floaters  The Teachings Intro Part I The Movement Practice - Grounding Shaping Expanding Resting Spiraled Anatomy - Liquid Core Strength - Trusting The Flow Intro To The Teachings - Full Bio Aquatic Movement: Free Form Flow with Cass Bio Aquatic Movement 1 Cass Phelps
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