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Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

Join Cass for live Workshops, Retreats, Teleseries and other programs...

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Entering The Eternal - Live Teleseries MP3 - November 2010
This special series really cuts strait to the heart of the work. Guides the Listener into there..
Entering The Eternal - Live Teleseries MP3 - October 2010
Experience yourself and source as One. Through the internal breath and movement process you are guid..
Eros & Inspiration - Live Teleseries MP3 - December 2009
Bring the Dive Experience into your own home and life! Deep luscious guided..
Eros & Inspiration - Live Teleseries MP3 - May 2010
Bring the Dive Experience into your own home and life! Deep internal breath-movement and h..
Eros & Inspiration MP3 TeleSeries - December  2015
This is an excellent series for beginners and advanced.  Cant make the call time? Call are rec..
Eros & Inspiration TeleSeries - MP3 Recordings - November 2015
This series Cass introduced 2 new sound-breaths for you to Enjoy. Cass goes into great detail about ..
Five Signals Crash Course 2016 - Awakening Your Nourishment Pathway - MP3 Tele-Series
 This series is also part of the Living Your Full Potential Tele-Camp which includes The Gift P..
LIVING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL - 4 Week Tele-Camp - Includes 2 Tele-Series - MP3 Recorded Live 2016
This is for both the FiveSignals and The Gift Process tele-series recordings. Separately they are $9..
Path Of Love - 6 week Live Teleseries MP3 - Recorded March 2010 - Deep Internal Exploration of Breath & Movement
Entering and grounding into the eternal Presence - Reset the nervous system to neutrality and Joy!&n..
The Five Signals Intro Recorded 2010 - Teleseries MP3 - Distilled Version 4.5 hrs of Material
Learn The Secret Language of YOUR Gut. Feel vitally alive, healthy and Self Referenti..
The Gift Process - The Crash Course 2016 - Discover, Receive and Share Your Gift With The World - MP3
This series is part of the Tele-Camp 2016, which also includes the FiveSignals "Awaken Your Nou..