Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

Listen Energize Learn Enjoy

Helps to resolve learning disabilities &
performance-perfectionistic tendencies
Strengthens listening and communication
Helps resolve sensory overwhelm
Excellent for adults and children

In this recording


This recording is for anyone who becomes easily overwhelmed or over-stimulated, has a hard time integrating physical experiences, has learning disabilities or perfectionism and/or is showing signs of physical, sensory-related stress and trauma. Many people have reported that the use of this program has been helpful to release trauma from over-stimulation, overwhelm or shock from exposure to loud noises, accidents or other sensory-related traumas.

This recording is for anyone who wants to move through learning and communication challenges and access deeper self-empowerment. The frequencies used in this program pick the locks of unhealthy, limiting defense systems that may be preventing you from functioning fully with presence, capability and ease.


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Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration works with:

Rapidly facilitates opening the mind to listen and comprehend advanced knowledge with ease
Allows for a wider spectrum of hearing and absorbing information
Helps in clearing over-stimulation and hypersensitivity to loud or crowded environments
Releases backed-up noise from within your system
Assists in resolving learning disabilities and disorders
Facilitates an ease and further development in relational communication and enrichment of the voice
Has been shown to bring a profound sense of vital energy
Assists in rapidly resolving fear, insecurities, perfectionist tendencies and self-abuse
Helps you realize that you do not hear, see, smell, touch or taste from the body but from your mind
Supports knowing-realizing all is within
Better coordination

For best results, use this program with headphones only. Lie down with your eyes closed. Relax. Allow the frequencies to work for you. Use this program for 3 - 5 times a week for 3 weeks. Start with 10 - 15 minutes and see how you feel between every session. Increase the time slowly. If agitation occurs, shorten the time and frequency of use. Before bedtime is always a good time to use Sensory Integration, and if you fall asleep, no worries. You’re still gaining the benefits of the program.