Sexual Integration

Sexual Integration
Balance New Perspective

Promotes a balance with sexual/creative
Promotes positive self worth
Helps in channeling sexual/creative energy 
into fulfilling your goals
Assists with finding your deeper essential 
nature and living it

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This program helps to access a deeper knowing of positive self-worth while assisting to release sexual traumas and limiting sexual distortions. Sexual Integration helps you to remember who you are as an undivided Self by helping you drop below the mental-physical plane and into the Whole-Mind Intelligence of the Source of Life being within you. This program uses frequencies that release the locks and blocks from defenses and traumas of sexual origin, while offering a deeper connection, knowing and understanding of the true You, before and beyond sexual distortions and traumas.

Balances and aligns your sexual-creative energy with your heart and mind, bringing stronger power and ability to focus and realize your goals. Assists in “staying the course” from a place of confidence and interconnected ease in challenging times. Brings peace and clarity to the situation rather than stress and overwhelm. Facilitates deeper insights in dream state sleep time. Pay attention to what you feel and remember when you wake up.


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Sexual Integration

Sexual Integration works with:

Deeper experience of true Self in union with the Source of Life being within
Releasing physical, mental and emotional sexual traumas, distortions, limitations and histories
Deeper understanding and knowing of where you are in your growth and path
Receiving nourishment
Clarity and calm to hold space for yourself for healing and deeper acceptance
Deeper self-love
Clear boundaries and discernment
Feeling clean, clear and calm about your sexuality, sexual experience and expressions
Increasing or balancing physical sensation and sensitivity
Increase in intimacy and communication with others

Sexual Integration assists in resolving:

Sexual Trauma
Sexual Addiction and desires you are no longer interested in
Low self-worth
Guilt, shame and fear
Grandiose, ego-based power perceptions based in unconscious fear and survival desires
Body shame
Inferiority complex
Lack of sensation
Over-stimulation and sensitivity

Being able to know and feel yourself beyond your limited sexual identity, traumas and distortions, beyond your history, tribe and the culture is quite a gift and part of living from the Whole-Mind Intelligence, knowing the source of life is within. It is a state of mind that is accessed through presence, peace, love and truth.

There is nothing you need to fix about yourself. If you are feeling limitations and confusion around your self-worth, sexuality and identity, this program assists in calling forward a deeper knowing and healing from within. You always have the intelligence and support of Oneness. This program helps you to remember this and call on it!