Emotional Integration

Emotional Integration

Balance New Perspective

Helps resolve being "run" by emotions 
Accessing and expressing emotions positively
Move beyond fear and depression
Drop below the content to see the larger
Deepens capacity for forgiveness

In this recording



This recording offers a balance with the emotions. It builds a deeper capacity to be confident, honest and less reactive. It supports knowing-remembering you are not your emotions and understanding why you are feeling what you are feeling without either your emotions “running” you or feeling like your emotions are suppressed or distant.

Pure sonic frequency tones mixed with primordial nature sounds of birds, ocean waves, whales, dolphins, human heartbeats, and pure running streams. Designed to achieve a consistent, relaxed, inwardly aware, creative state. Assists in relaxed, peaceful inspiration and focused creation coming from Whole-Mind Intelligence. Works with accessing new ideas, information and innovation as well as “staying the course.” Supports vitality, inspiration, compassion, clarity and deeper knowing of Oneness with Source-Creator within and throughout all life.

This program works with tuning you more deeply into your Gifts and helping you see and realize how you can share them. It teaches you to hold the Source of Life within while you Create. It assists in aligning you with your intentions that come from Whole-Mind Intelligence, extending and expanding within and throughout all that you “do.”


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Emotional Integration

Emotional Integration works with:

Seeing through the illusion of fear-based emotions by dropping below them into deeper Self
Remembering who and what you truly are before and beyond fear and trauma
Experience all emotions fully without being afraid or lost in them
Being at choice as the creators we are
Freeing up the body by releasing stuck emotions and history

In general, most people tend to suppress emotional responses. By suppressing emotions, we empower them through our fear, making them feel even more real. Years and years of suppression can create an emotional-energetic implosion in the mind-body-system. When emotions get stuck in the body as our history, it becomes dense, and the energy build-up begins to block the flow of vitality and clarity. The emotional energy begins to pull the heart down; rigidify, hold and lock-down the sacrum and lower back; tighten the throat from lack of expression; and, shake and rattle the nerves. All these create restrictions in breath and movement that create more stress and lack of self-trust and confidence. Over time, blocks can become ailments and life-identity patterns. This program helps to release these blocks and patterns, so the flow of life and vitality can return once again. The Body Balancer Kit is also an excellent helper and counterpart for this process.

You are not your emotions. You are not your experience. The more you clear the history and noise, fear and duality from your system, the more you are able to feel and know who you truly are. Life is then a whole lot more simple and peaceful, and you are able to stick to your path and alignment as the source of life guides you from within, through vitality clarity joy and peace.

Use this program when you are in an emotional overwhelm or just wanting to drop deeper into your self to gain new insights and integrate more fully, overcome over identification with emotions or a situation and call on higher intelligence.