Sonic Level Three


Level Three

Strong Present
Confident Available
Relaxed creative state
Inner Vision
Fearless Inspiration
Deeper knowing and strength

In this recording

sonic level three

Sonic Three builds on Sonic One and Two.

Fundamental frequency tones mixed with a primordial soundscape of birds and running streams. Designed to help establish a present, calm, balanced, insightful, strong, peaceful, creative state. Supports healthy alignment with life in a state of Oneness, taking right action from fearless inspiration and joy. Works with inner vision and subconscious-unconscious mind. Supports creative power and self-worth on a core level.

With intent, you may experience visual imagery and emotions relating to information in your unconscious-subconscious mind. Some have reported their internal senses developing or becoming clearer and stronger. You can use this program to access information and/or creative insights. Be sure to read the material that comes with this program for more information on this topic.

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Sonic Level Three works with:

Unifying places in your system that may not be in coherent  communication and/or harmony: Oneness
Reconnecting any places in your mind-body-system that feel  disconnected from Source of Life being within and throughout all life
Higher intelligence
Resolving fragmentation, gaps and inconsistencies in thoughts and actions
Clear multidimensional communication
Heart opening: effortless increase in your ability to have understanding  for yourself and others
Knowing there is nothing to do, only allow what you are and be:  This presence creates life

We recommend that at first you use this program at night. For best results, use headphones and lie down with eyes closed. Relax and let go.


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