Sonic Level Two


Level Two
Unravel Unwind Unified Mind

Remember innate Intelligence
Move Through Limiting Patterns
Retune to higher calling

In this recording


Sonic Level Two builds on Sonic Level One. Precisely tuned audible and inaudible sonic frequency tones mixed with a relaxing, primordial soundscape of Australian rainforest, ocean waves and birds. Designed to relax and slow down cognitive, mental thinking and the nervous system, so you can perceive from your deeper wholeness and knowing intelligence. Assists with unlocking the mind from patterns shaped by limiting fear-based perceptions and history. Works with resetting the nervous system, unraveling and releasing unhealthy defense structures while bridging Whole-Mind Intelligence to the “daily physical world.” Helps to move out of perceiving from fear, remorse and judgment into perceiving from the infinite, creative possibility of Reality. Supports being more available in the present moment while feeling a rested, peaceful vitality and wholeness.

Specific carrier frequencies calibrate and reorganize your mind-body- system for greater coherency.


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Sonic Foundation

Sonic Level Two works with:

Sustained union, Oneness within
Deeper sense of wholeness
Neutrality Balance
Higher intelligence
Being more efficient with time and productivity
Knowing what you want in your communications and interactions
Releasing limiting patterns and thinking
Grounded presence
Deeper connection to your breath and body in present time

We recommend Sonic Two as Relaxation Therapy during long trips and airplane travel where you are not required to operate any machinery, fulfill any functions or complete immediate tasks.


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