Sonic Foundation Series


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The Sonic Foundation Series™ is a gentle and very powerful way to quiet the mental noise while accessing a higher state of mind-intelligence. It offers fundamental sound frequencies that balance and nourish your system as a whole.

Our point of view is that healing, renewal, intelligence and vitality happen first on the level and origins of the mind, where we experience the source of life from within. The Sonic Foundation Series works with fundamental frequency tones that guide the mind back into a deeper natural state of resonance and union. This perceptual and experiential shift takes you out of fear, stress, the “fight or flight syndrome,” and brings you into a more conscious state of peace, clarity and joy. This series assists in releasing survival fears and allowing the possibility to choose life from a rested place of empowered connected ease.


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Sonic Foundation

Series works with:
Deeper Union with the Source of Life
Recalibrating retuning the mind body system for great coherence
Restful deep sleep
Relaxed calm clarity
Resetting the nervous system
Physical electromagnet grounding
Activating new regions of the brain
Opening the mind
Accessing deeper states of awareness
Inner vision and insight
Broader, more articulate communication
Focused ability to “stay the course”
New inspiration coming from truth - releasing survival fears
Love for self and others

This series can help greatly in the resolution of learning disorders.