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Entering The Eternal - Live Teleseries MP3 - October 2010
Experience yourself and source as One. Through the internal breath and movement process you are guid..
Entering The Eternal - Live Teleseries MP3 - November 2010
This special series really cuts strait to the heart of the work. Guides the Listener into there..
Emotional Integration : Pure Frequency Medicine
Balance & New Perspective • Helps resolve being "run" by emotions • Accessing and expressing..
Breath Of Life : Pure Frequency Medicine
New Breath New Life •  Inspires deep breathing •  Deeply relaxing • &n..
Body Balancer Kit MP3 : Pure Frequency Medicine with Primordial Nature Sounscapes
Retune and Revive •  Balance and upgrade energy-body •  Increase cognition &..
Ancient Earth Mineral Capsules
Ancient Earth Minerals   Builds all tissues including blood and bone - foundational miner..