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Sonic Level Three : A Lush Harmonic and Primordial-Nature Soundscape with Frequency Medicine

Sonic Level Three : A Lush Harmonic and Primordial-Nature Soundscape with Frequency Medicine
Product Code: Sonic Level Three
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Strong Present Confident Available

• Relaxed creative state
• Inner Vision
• Fearless Inspiration
• Deeper knowing and strength

Sonic Three builds on Sonic One and Two
Fundamental frequency tones mixed with a primordial soundscape of birds and running streams. Designed to help establish a present, calm, balanced, insightful, strong, peaceful, creative state. Supports healthy alignment with life in a state of Oneness, taking right action from fearless inspiration and joy. Works with inner vision and subconscious-unconscious mind. Supports creative power and self-worth on a core level.
With intent, you may experience visual imagery and emotions relating to information in your unconscious-subconscious mind. Some have reported their internal senses developing or becoming clearer and stronger. You can use this program to access information and/or creative insights.
Be sure to read the material that comes with this program for more information on this topic.
Sonic Three works with:
Unifying places in your system that may not be in coherent communication and/or harmony:
Reconnecting any places in your mind-body-system that feel disconnected from Source of Life being within and throughout all life
Higher intelligence
Resolving fragmentation, gaps and inconsistencies in thoughts and actions
Clear multidimensional communication
Heart opening: effortless increase in your ability to have understanding for yourself and others
Knowing there is nothing to do, only allow what you are and be: This presence creates life
For best results, use headphones and sit or lie down with eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths. Relax and let go.

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