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Sonic Level One : A Lush Harmonic and Primordial-Nature Soundscape with Frequency Medicine

Sonic Level One : A Lush Harmonic and Primordial-Nature Soundscape with Frequency Medicine
Product Code: Sonic Level One
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Reset & Renew

• Deeper experience of Source-Oneness
• Deeper experience of peace
• Assists in resetting the nervous system
• More restful Delta sleep
• Calm clarity in challenging times
• Greater insights in logical thinking

Sonic One is recommended as a starting point
Precisely tuned sound frequency tones mixed with gentle ocean waves. Designed to bring you into a deep, balanced reset point or zero-point. Helps to reset your nervous system out of "fight or flight" responses. Assists in deepening your sleep, allowing you to rest, repair and revitalize. Brings peace, calmness, clarity and renewal.
Many audible and inaudible carrier frequencies cross-weave throughout Sonic One assisting to re-open the mind and facilitate a deeper state of resonance, understanding, remembering and retuning to your true, original, natural stress-free self.
Sonic One works with:
Union with the Source of Life
Deeper, more restful sleep
Deeper experience of wholeness as true Self
Resetting the nervous system
Deeper states of knowing
Nourishing and balancing your mind-body-system as a whole
Seeing and releasing unconscious survival fears, "fight or flight" responses and patterns
Enjoy! We recommend that at first you use this program at night. For best results, use headphones and lie down with eyes closed. Relax and let go.

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