Integration Series

The Integration Series: Being in the world, not of it

The Integration Series is recommended after The Sonic Foundation Series. This Series is designed to help you realize you are not your situation, circumstance, experience and/or local, limited identity. You are so much more than this. Remembering who you really are helps you understand why you are here and choose life with ease and grace. This series works with your relationship with Love.

The frequencies used in these programs are designed to assist in opening deeper self-awareness and knowing, freeing you from the constraints of limited, fear-based thinking. The programs assist in dropping you below your ego-defenses into the deeper knowing of your true self. This series helps you to integrate this truth and act coherently from it in the present. The insights gained from working with these programs assist in allowing LIFE to be a whole lot easier from a place of peace.

As with all of the BioTune programs, you simply play the program through headphones while you sit or lie down and relax. All of our programs are very helpful tools for any form of meditation as well. There are no subliminal messages in any of our programs. We use pure sonic frequencies and primordial nature sounds.

Each of these 4 programs works cyclically, creating a synergistic whole that assists in moving beyond polarity, fragmentation and dualistic, fear-based survival thinking and more deeply into higher intelligence where the Source of Life is within you. Oneness helps bring you into deeper peace, higher states of creation, knowing, allowing and being.

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Integration Series works with:

Deeper experience of Source
Deeper, more restful sleep and renewal
Higher states of creation, knowing and being
Broader, more articulate communication
Focused ability to “stay the course”
New inspiration coming from truth - not survival fears
Love for self and others
Deeper union within and throughout
Courage to face and resolve internal conflicts, shame, guilt

This series can help greatly in the resolution of learning disorders.

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